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Eagles Nest Massage Therapy
1114 E. 9th St.
Duluth, MN 55805
Eagles Nest Massage Therapy

General Health Benefits Of Massage

Massage can help restore muscles.
-Decreased chronic muscle pain.
-Relieved muscle spasms.
-Speed in tissue healing.

Massage can assist depression, isolation, grief & burn out.
-Provides nurturance and support.
-Helps relax and energize.

Massage can strengthen your immune system.
-Circulates lymph fluiud.
-Decreases lymph edema.
-Promotes immune cell function.



About Us
Eagles Nest Massage Therapy was formally known as Eagles Nest Institute, which was established in 1990 and was located on the corner of the Arnold and West Tischer Rd., near the Woodland neighborhood of Duluth.  At that time it occupied an old country church that had been renovated.  Eagles Nest Institute offered massage therapy and massage therapy education as well as many classes in other holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi.

In 1998 the massage therapy course curriculum was sold to Lake Superior College.  The massage clinic moved to the Medical Arts Bldg., Downtown, Duluth and at that time the name was changed to Eagles Nest Massage Therapy.

In March of 2001 a second office was opened in the Miller Hill Dental Bldg. located on the Sundby Rd. in the Miller Hill area of Duluth.  As of April, 2004 our downtown location closed and combined with our Miller Hill office thus allowing to focus our energy in one great setting.
Today Eagles Nest Massage Therapy is a corporation; the goal of which is to provide opportunities for massage therapists to grow their individual practices in a setting of high standards and to provide the public with well trained massage therapists who honor and support these high standards of professional practice.

It is our privilege to share the many benefits of massage therapy with this beautiful community.


Time Lengths
30 Minutes -A partial massage    $35 + tax
It is the client's choice as to where the therapist works. Most popular is neck, shoulders and back.

60 Minutes -Full body relaxation massage    $65 + tax
Therapist massages the head, neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs, back and hips or the entire hour may be spent on a problem area.

90 Minutes -Full body relaxation & therapeutic work $95 + tax
It is a great massage for people who have problem areas that need extra work but still want the rest of their body massaged also.

120 Minutes  $125 + tax
The ultimate in full body relaxation with plenty of time to give extra attention to any area that requires it.


Packages & Rates
(4) 60 minute sessions to be used in 2 months
$260 less 10% = $234 + tax

(4) 90 minute sessions to be used in 2 months

$380 less 10% = $342 + tax

(6) 60 minute sessions to be used in 6 months
$390 less 10% = $351 + tax

(6) 90 minute sessions to be used in 6 months

$570 less 10% = $513 + tax