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WINTER FUN: Making the most of your sleigh ride

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Making the most of your sleigh ride

• Dress for the weather. Layers, including long underwear, wool sweaters and warm coat. Mittens and a warm hat are musts. A good pair of boots is also important. Even tucked under a warm blanket with a loved one, it can be cold when you're seated on a sleigh. Before the days of insulated winter


boots and down parkas, a trip in the sleigh meant bringing buffalo robes, foot-warmers filled with hot coals or piping hot potatoes to keep in your pockets.

• Every sleigh ride operator offers a different experience, so ask in advance about the ride length, types of sleighs, options for larger groups, opportunities to learn harnessing and driving skills or the

treat of a campfire and hot cocoa after the ride.

• If you are proposing on the sleigh, request a stop for that purpose when you make your reservation so you'll be sure to surprise your sweetheart.

• Call early, as holidays book up quickly, including Presidents' Day weekend.

• And take your camera along. A sleigh ride will provide you with memories that you'll want to look back on for years to come.