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Wildfires near Sand Lake burn 85 acres

Fall colors are busting out all over in the fields and forests of Lake County this week. The next week will likely prove to be a bonanza for those seeking the perfect picture. Mike Creger

A Lake County fall

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community Two Harbors, 55616
Two Harbors Minnesota 109 Waterfront Dr. 55616

Turning maple leaves are washing the highland hills with color in the middle of Lake County. These are shots from a loop taken Monday up Highway 3 from Two Harbors to Finland, Isabella, and back down on Highway 2 to Two Harbors.


The best color this week was found in the Finland area. One good route to take is Highway 61 to Beaver Bay, then up Highway 4 to Highway 1 and into Finland. From there, take either Highway 6 (Little Marais Road) east and back to Highway 61 or go a bit farther north in Finland to take Highway 7 northeast to George H. Crosby Manitou State Park.

Continue from the park on 7 to Highway 8 and east into Cook County, where the road becomes Highway 1 and ends up in Schroeder, back on Highway 61 and the Lake Superior shore.

The color will likely peak this weekend in the Lake and Cook County highlands and reach areas closer to the lake in the next 10 days.

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